Why don't you have online shop?

This is a question we get alot!

We have found using form submissions easier to keep track of the high volume of requests. However we are planning ahead to have an online shop to purchase standards customs.

What is the price for a pair of customs?

Pricing for a pair of Customs is based on the time required to complete prep, art and finishing. It all depends on the custom.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Please allow 1-2 weeks before items ship; in most cases you will receive your shoes in 14-18 days.

Is there a return policy?

Since all customs are hand made, makes it nearby impossible to have a retun policy. Therefore all sales on custom shoes are final. However we work close with our clients ensuring that their expectations are met.

Micallis Custom Footwear strives for customer satisfaction. If you are not happy with your order, please contact us and we will make it right! Remember, we believe every shoe has a soul. So contact us and we will work with you to find yours!

What happens if my shoes or another item do not arrive?

Micallis Custom will provide a tracking number for all shipments.
Once the tracking description says, “delivered” then we cannot be held liable if an item goes missing.

Can a pair of customs be worn daily?

Yes! All Micallis Customs are great for light casual wear. However, just like art, paint can scuff so wear with consideration.

Are the shoes safe to wear in the rain?

Yes, they are because each pair is made with acrylic paint which will not wash off in rain.

Is the paint durable?

We use a special paint that is both durable and flexible;
we then apply a special coating to seal the entire shoe.
You can clean your Micallis Custom Footwear with a damp cloth or even mild window cleaner.
Although shoes are fully wearable, they should all be considered custom art and worn at your own risk.
Note: like any pair of shoes, these can be damaged by scuffs or scraping.

Can I send my shoes to you?

Yes, but all shoes sent to us must be new or in like new condition to ensure a quality result. Please contact us by email before sending your shoes.

How do I care for my shoes?

Micallis Customs is painted with an acrylic/oil-based paint that stands up to water, dirt, etc. Do not scrub the shoes with any kind of brush or scrubber, or polish the shoes. We recommend using a soft cloth lightly dampened with water or a mild window cleaner to remove any dust or dirt.
Avoid any harsh cleaners that contain xylene or acetone, as these will damage the coating, paint, and even the leather material of the shoe.

Did not find the answer you were looking for?

You are always welcome to contact us at info(at)micallis.com.